From Point Zero to Ground Zero

Below, you will find a link to the 192-page thesis submitted by Sensei Jesse Boyd in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the rank of Shodan in Chang Moo Kwan under the authority of Nam Suk Lee’s last students. This work also proved instrumental in Jesse’s promotion to the rank of Rokudan in Cheonjikido by Grandmaster John Wiedenman (9th Dan) with the unanimous consent of a balanced assortment of high-ranking Chang Moo Kwan and Aikido instructors who had either trained and studied under Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee or with Sensei Larry Beal.

This project is an excavation of twelve indigenous Chang Moo Kwan forms revived, taught, and acknowledged by Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee at the San Pedro Chang Moo Kwan during the last few years of his life.  His dying wish was that indigenous Chang Moo Kwan be preserved outside the competitions, sporting arenas, politics, consortiums, and realms of commercial Taekwondo.  Little did he know that this wish had, in some small way, already been realized in a small corner of North Carolina where today it is continually cultivated according to capability.


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