the style

IMG_7503Cheonjikido, a coinage of four Korean hanja characters that literally translates: “the way of a heaven lake,” is an ECLECTIC full-range martial arts style germinated in the United States under the watch-care of Sensei Larry Beal and in direct genealogical descent from Chang Moo Kwan, a Korean art founded by Sensei In Yoon Byung and proliferated by one of his students, Sensei Nam Suk Lee. Both of these men taught at the Seoul YMCA in the 1940’s. The Art of Cheonjikido, in the eclectic spirit of Senseis Beal, Byung, and Lee is primarily influenced by the traditional arts of Chang Moo Kwan and Tomiki Aikido (Japan) and to a lesser extent by Isshinryu (Okinawa) and Shotokan Karate (Okinawa/Japan), all officially propagated in the early twentieth century.

Cheonjikido is presently taught and preserved under the stewardship of Sensei Jesse Boyd, an instructor with more than 20 years of teaching experience, at Catawba Valley Martial Arts in Catawba County, North Carolina.

mission statement

The mission of Cheonjikido and its primary dojo of instruction, Catawba Valley Martial Arts, is to propagate and preserve an eclectic, effective, and full-range martial art with traditional roots and to promote training apart from the unhealthy influences of typical sport karate and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We exist to promote and foster practical martial arts skills within the framework of a Biblical worldview, giving particular attention to realistic and contemporary self-defense technique, the well-springs of kata, bunkai, grappling, randori, kumite, flexibility, agility, endurance, moral virtue, and spiritual fortitude.

As one martial arts master once affirmed: “Karate is not a religion, neither should it become religious . . . rather, religion provides a necessary moral framework for the study of martial arts. A martial art, thus framed, can then be a tool to strengthen one’s religious faith and an outlet to live a constructive life.” This being the case, Cheonjikido operates within the moral framework of a Biblical worldview, thereby recognizing only one Master or Soke in this earthly life, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Moreover, we endeavor to use the practice of martial arts as a platform from which to point others to faith in Him.