Our dojo and the way we practice  is undergoing major changes as unique opportunity involving indigenous Tomiki Aikido behooves us to move forward in a more focused direction. Therefore, this website is in a state of flux and will be for some time. The Art of Cheonjikido is NOT a mixed martial art; it is NOT a new style. We have never claimed to be any of these things. Cheonjikido is simply a statement that honors a late sensei and seeks to faithfully preserve for future generations the indigenous principles and indigenous training of that which holds a special place in North Carolina martial arts history.

In increasingly dangerous times . . . 

Propagating a practical & combative martial art with traditional roots

Training apart from the unhealthy influences of typical sport karate and MMA

Preserving the indigenous principles of Tomiki Aikido and Chang Moo Kwan

Fostering martial skill within the framework of a Biblical worldview

Cultivating capabilities to reproduce in others

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